Welcome To My Website


Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I finally took the advice of some friends and had it done. I hope you will find it interesting.

This is the place to find out about me, news and upcoming events, contact information, and my radio show Tango and Friends. It's a show like no other so click on the link above and listen to some of the podcasts.   

And speaking of friends, After my radio  Tango & Friends a few weeks ago, I received many messages from listeners who wanted to show some love to both of my good friends, Jimmy and Mary Hampton. Jimmy is known for his roles such as Corporal Dobbs on F Troop, The Longest Yard, Teen Wolf and many more. 


During the show Mary explained that Jimmy was struggling with Parkinsons Disease and is unable to speak, so she would be relaying Jimmy`s stories while he was next to her listening in. It was a wonderful show and in case you missed it, go over to the Tango and Friends page on this site and you can listen to the podcast. 


Mary said that Jimmy would love hearing from anyone who would like to send an uplifting letter or card, or congratulate him about his newly released hilarious biography, "What? And Give Up Show Business?"  It will be much appreciated.


The address is: James and Mary Hampton, 102 Forest Hill Dr. Trophy Club, TX. 76262.

Thank you very much. Stay well & happy.

Tango and Friends Hampton.jpeg