Voices From Beyond 2

Talking With The Spirits


Poppa Bruce Tango


The Merchant and Drovers Tavern

1632 St. Georges Avenue

(On the corner of St. Georges and Westfield)

Rahway, New Jersey


On Sept 10, 2022 come and join Poppa Bruce Tango as he returns to one of his favorite locations for an evening of paranormal excitement  He`s looking forward to see some old friends including the ghost, and making some new ones, too.  Those that know Mr Tango know of his uncanny ability to attract ghosts, especially while conducting an EVP session.

During the evening Mr. Tango will play some of the best EVP`s he has  captured over the years. As he always says,  "You guys are gonna get the Heebie Geebies !!" 


You will join Mr. Tango as he conducts a lights out EVP session in the Merchant & Drovers. Anyone attending will be able to ask questions if they wish. You never know who the spirits will respond to. He will then playback the recording  for everyone to hear. Very Cool !!


During the night Poppa Tango will also share some of his most chilling paranormal experiences. He is known as an engaging story teller and will have you shaking in your boots one minute and laughing your head off the next. There will be a Q&A period where you can ask questions or just share your personal experiences with Mr. Tango to get his opinion.


There will be some goodies to eat and drink. All attending will have time to roam the Merchant and Drovers Tavern Museum and investigate, so bring your recorders, cameras, etc.

It all starts at 7:00 PM.  See you there!


Please get your tickets soon! There is limited seating.