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A Ghostly Evening
Chris DiCesare and Bruce Tango


I've done many events in my time and had some great times but this one I'm really excited about.

 My good friend Chris DiCesare has graciously agreed to take time off of his very busy schedule and come to the haunted Merchant & Drovers Tavern in Rahway, NJ on Sept 28th to share his horrifying experiences with us while he was attending college back in 1985. His appearance is sort of an exclusive for us. Chris is a very busy man and doesnt do many events. I feel though that this will change very soon. You see, Chris`s horrifying story will be featured as TV mini series on a major network. I can't say much more than that right now.

Chris is just a great guy to be around. He has been seen on networks such as Sy-Fy and Travel Channel along with the popular radio program Coast to Coast. You can find out more about Chris at

 At this event I will also be doing what I do and enjoy best, an EVP Session which we will playback right away to see what we caught. I'm known to be a Ghost Magnet and my sessions are usually very fruitful. Ask anyone.

We have so much in store for the evening including a fantastic dinner. I'm Cooking !!  I love to cook for friends.

 Here are some of what we have in store for all who attend:

 *A Meet and Greet with Chris and Bruce

*A Great Dinner

*Showing of Chris' Highly Acclaimed Film, "Please Talk With Me."

*Q & A With Chris and Bruce

* An EVP Session with Chris and Bruce with playback right away

*We'll be playing an old Groucho Marks game, "Say The Secret Word"

and anyone who says the secret word will win a GREAT prize!

*Raffles with GREAT prizes

*If time permits, a tour of the haunted tavern.

                                       Early Bird Special Offer !!!!

The First 15 People who purchase tickets for this event will be         entered into a drawing. The winner will win prizes along with the price of their ticket being refunded back to them!!! So please get your tickets ASAP  as we have very limited seating.


It's going to be a great evening!

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