Come join Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and Bruce Tango from the hit TV show Ghost Hunters for a night of Paranormal excitement, chills and laughs at one of our most favorite and popular haunted locations.  The Southern Mansion was featured on the Ghost Hunters TV show years ago and was a very exciting episode. Along with many others, Mr Tango considers the Southern Mansion the most active location he ever set foot in. Those who have attended this event in the past can attest to that. People come from all over the country to attend this special event. This event never disappoints. We hope you see you soon.


Exciting News! Joining the Ghost Hunters is their good buddy Butch Patrick best known for playing Eddie Munster on the hit Iconic TV show THE MUNSTERS.  Butch has  had quite an acting career appearing on some of the most popular shows of our time. Besides being a great guy, he`s a Paranormal enthusiast and has done investigations at other locations. In fact, he actually owned a Haunted House! Butch is looking forward to coming to the Mansion  to check it out and meet all those who attend. Steve, Dave, Butch, Bruce and the Ghosts of the Southern Mansion are looking forward to seeing you soon. This event is gonna be a blast ! Don't miss out ! And all the Celebrity guests will have  some really cool merchandise for sale if you so desire.


Very Special Early Bird Special!

The first ten people to purchase tickets for Friday January 28th and the first ten people to purchase tickets for Saturday January 29th will be treated to something special.

They will be able to join all the Celebrity Guests for a Pre-Event Party and dinner.  So I would get your tickets asap. The First ten ticket buyers will be notified a week before the event. I guarentee you will have a great time !!!!!


 Note: Just an idea but in the past many people have ordered tickets for this event as Christmas/ Holiday presents for family or friends that they know enjoy the Paranormal world.  Tickets for this event will sell out soon. Thank you very much. Stay well and happy.



Here`s What`s Happening At The Mansion

It All Starts at 6:00 pm


Itineraries Will Be Given Out At Mansion

All Times Are Approximate and Subject To Change


*    Pre Party For Early Bird Ticket Buyers-Approimately 5:30 ish


*    Start Of Event - Meet & Greet With Celebrities and Enjoy a Delicious Dinner.


*    Welcome To The Mansion - Mr Bruce Tango/ Haunted Stories


*   Q & A With Steve, Dave and Bruce


*  Video Presentation By Steve & Dave. Some Behind The Scenes Things That you have never seen on Ghost Hunters. Very Cool and some is is hilarious.


*  Q & A With Butch Patrick= Here`s your chance to ask Butch About His Career and The Munsters.


*  A Lights Out EVP Session With Bruce Tango


*   Free Time To Roam & Investigate The Mansion


*   Return Back To Downstairs Ballroom For EVP`s Captured During Session/ Sharing Of Any Experiences


*   The End !


*   If You Still Want More Action and Aren't Pooped, We Will Have a Trivia Game/ With Prizes ! How Much Do You Know About The Ghost Hunters and The Munsters ? We Will See.


*  A Light Breakfast For All The Next Morning in the Downstairs Ballroom.  8:30 to 10 AM. 


                                                THANKS FOR COMING !!


When you click on the button to purchase your ticket and then are entering your information to buy your ticket, please use the email address shown on the transaction listing ( let us know which day you are buying the ticket/s for. Thank you!

  Important Information


 We will be doing everything we can to make this an enjoyable and safe event. There will be masks available for those who wish to wear them. Hand sanitizer will be available as well. We ask that you practice social distancing as best you can. Please be respectful, patient and considerate of others. 

Anyone found to be under the infuence of Alcohol or Drugs will be asked to leave the premises.  NO REFUND!  There will be Police on the premises.

Upon signing in for event, you will be asked to sign a basic waiver.

Also,  if you plan on staying at the Southern Mansion,  although we have nothing to do with the rooms, you will have to have a ticket to the event in order to book a room there. And if you are staying at the mansion, know that during the investigations, your room will be open to the public. Even though the investigations are supervised, it's best to keep your important personal items out of sight.         


If you would rather stay elsewhere, there are many places to stay in Cape May. One that I can suggest is the Madison Ave Beach Club- 6o5 Madison Ave, Cape May, NJ  Phone: 609-884-8268.