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The Final Seance

May 20, 2023 @ 7:00 PM

Merchant and Drovers

Tavern Museum

1632 Georges Avenue in Rahway, New Jersey

Come and join Mr. Bruce Tango (Ghost Hunters TV Show) and some friends at the historical Merchant and Drovers Tavern Museum as they re- create the actual true and Final Seance performed on Halloween night in 1936 to reach the most celebrated Magician of all time. Eric Weiss. Better known as Harry Houdini.

In a very special, unique way, you will learn things about Houdini and the people in his life. which I'm sure you have never heard before. They also will be talking about his tragic mysterious death in 1926.


You will hear the actual voices of those involved in the historic and final seance as well as see what actually happened that amazing night.


It`s going to be an amazing and exciting evening which will include a wonderful dinner prepared by non other than Mr. Tango himself aka The Great Tangini !!!


After the Seance we  will conduct our own lights out EVP Session to see if the spirit of Houdini is possibly lurking about.  If not, maybe we will run across some of the inhabitants of the tavern or others. As many of you know, Mr Tango seems to attract those who have passed on. There are possible reasons for this which we can discuss that night This all will be happening along with some very cool surprises mixed in that we are sure you will enjoy.

This is going to be a night that you will never forget ! Be prepared to meet some of the people in Houdini`s life. We strongly suggest that you bring some family and or friends with you.


This is a Paranormal Event at it's best and seating is very limited and will sell out very soon  


You`re going to get some bigtime Heebie Jeebies. 

The event is very spooky!

Dont say we didnt warn you ! 

Those who are attending and have proof that tickets were purchased for this event will not hold anyone associated with The Final Seance liable for any injury or sickness 


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