A Ghostly Evening


Poppa Bruce Tango

From the Hit TV Shows


The Strauss Mansion

27 Prospect Circle

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

August 13th 2022

A Night of Paranormal Excitement at its best starting at 7 PM

Here's your chance to meet Mr. Tango and  checkout the mansion which is said to be VERY haunted. This will be Mr Tango's first time at this beautiful haunted location. There is lots in store for the evening including the showing of the highly acclaimed film THE STARING MAN, which is the true terrifying story of Mr Tango's encounter as a young boy with the entity he named THE STARING MAN. Bring a friend because you won't want to leave alone after seeing this film.


There will also be haunted history and history of the mansion, a Q & A period about the film and all things paranormal,  a lights out EVP session followed by the reveal of what has been caught. Mr Tango is well known for his great EVP Sessions and has been called a Ghost Magnet. The ghosts just love to be around him. We will take time to discuss any paranormal incidents or stories, personal or otherwise, that anyone in the audience might like to share. Mr. Tango is very adept at figuring out what might be going on. He is also well known for his true and fascinating paranormal stories and is one of the funniest guys around. You wont be dissapointed!


There will also be time for you to checkout the mansion on your own. Bring flashlights, recorders and cameras.


There is limited seating, so get your tickets soon. Thank You