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About Bruce 

Bruce Tango is a highly decorated retired Police Officer from Elizabeth, NJ. He was the youngest member to ever join the force at the age of 19. In his 25+ years on the Force he was involved in many aspects of Law Enforcement, including being a member of a SWAT Team (SET), Dignitary Protection Training and a trained Sniper. He is also the recipient of many commendations including 3 Valor Awards for Heroism.

Bruce has been interested in the Paranormal since he was a child and started Ghost Hunting at the age of 13. This was during a time when Ghost Hunting wasn’t talked about much. He is responsible for his son, SyFy`s Dave Tango, getting into the field. Bruce is a recurring guest on the hit TV Show "Ghost Hunters" investigating with his son Dave and the rest of the team. He actively searches for locations to be considered for the show.


Bruce is a great guy, fun to talk to and an engaging true story teller.  and because he's had several near death experiences,  he is always searching for answers to many questions about life, death, ghosts and the paranormal.

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